My art takes three forms: oil paintings, pastel and ink-based drawings. My oil and ink work inform each other, and pastels bridge the gap. For me these are complementary means of achieving the same goal — expressing my feeling that all existence is a marvel in itself … so enjoy it while it lasts!

Oil Paintings

Painting in oils is an extraordinary means to reveal my reaction to this incredible world we live in.  For me, oil painting is a medium I love to express these deeper feelings. Line delineates, but color is the underlying basis of my aesthetic and spiritual expression. I usually create landscapes and close ups of nature.

My oil paintings include:

Landscape, abstract as well as representational.

Nature, botanical, studies and table top.


Storm Over – oil on canvas – 16 x 20 in (Nov 2016)


Clementines – oil on canvas – 10 x 8 in – (Jan 2014)

Ink/Natural Dyes/Pastel

I have drawn my entire life—I penned all the illustrations and maps in my book,The Sari.The precision and detailed demands of such work creates a discipline that informs all of my creative expressions. The line has expression all by itself, color enhances it.

My drawings include:

Ink & Natural Dyes, from such elements as walnut shells, onion skins, dandelion leaves, create delicate lasting colors that touch lightly upon the eye, and delicately inform us of the beauty all around us.

Pastels bridge the gap between my drawing and painting, and adds that immediacy so striking in its saturated color.

sky, Trees, landscape

September Blues – pastel on sanded paper – 9 x 6 in (Oct 2017)


May-December – 12 x 9 in – ink & natural dyes (walnut, turmeric, indigo, annetto, dragon’s blood) on paper (Mar 2018)