Linda Lynton paints and draws the natural world. She focuses on what she sees around her, be it a waterfall in the wilderness, a sunrise in a snowstorm or small weed in the backyard. Her paintings use vibrant colors, strong brushstrokes and thick layers of paint, capturing the immediacy of the moment.

An abstract quality and unusual perspectives give added momentum to her work, which she often creates in a group or series, such as following a river from its source to end; capturing the winter and summer solstice sunrises. She has hiked to remote, off-the track locations to find good wilderness images, but at the same time has used insignificant items in her own backyard as full subjects for her artwork.

She uses as many naturally occurring materials as possible in her work. From natural pigments in her oil paintings, to local plant dyes in her ink drawings. Because she prefers to paint and draw outdoors and in natural sunlight, even her large studio-based works often have a spontaneous plein air feel. Her plein air oils are painted on gessoed canvas, linen or birchwood, and her drawings on archival paper.

Lynton’s use of color, shape, and often unusual perspectives, come from two sources: a childhood constantly exposed to fine art in the best London museums, and a lifetime of experiences in Europe, the Near East, and South Asia. She grew up in London’s East End and spent much of her adult life based in New York City. Her love of nature and awareness of both its fragility and relentless strength began with childhood visits to remote rural areas along with witnessing changes in London’s landscapes altering local urban wildlife.

After gaining an honors degree in Philosophy and Biology at Keele University, UK, Lynton pursued a career as a writer and editor, including writing about Asian art. She created a book on South Asian textiles [The Sari, Thames & Hudson], where she drew all the maps and illustrations. She later trained as an artist at Woodstock School of Art, took workshops at the New York Studio School and at New York’s Art Students League. She has exhibited at The Hyde Museum, Glens Falls, NY; The Byrdcliffe Guild, Woodstock, NY; Woodstock Artist Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY; Arts Association of Kingston, Kingston, NY; Pratt Wright Gallery, Noank, CT; ArtBar, Kingston, NY; The Shirt Factory Gallery, Glens Falls, NY; among other venues. She is represented by Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY, and her work can be found on and on Instagram.

, landscape

Hell Freezing Over, 28×22 in., oil on canvas, a portrait of the Kaaterskill Falls


Maple Leaves in Fall – 11 x 14 in – colored pencil on paper