My artwork focuses on the natural world.

Whether it is through using oil paints, pastel, or ink with natural dyes, I am concerned with what is wild and untamed--be it weeds ignoring city sidewalks or waterfalls in the wilderness. I currently live in the Hudson Valley so much of my work reflects that area, but the themes are universal.

My strong use of color and thick oils in my paintings, and love of line in drawings come out of life experiences in the Near East, South Asia, and Europe. The resulting synthesis helps me capture fleeting moments in time, which help connect us to the living world around us.

Trees, landscape

Summer Sidelines – 10 x 8 in – plein air oil on canvas


Radish – colored pencil on Stonehenge paper – 10 x 8 in

Long Beach Blues - 7x5 in. - ink & natural dyes on paper (Nov 2014)

Time for Lunch – ink & natural dyes on paper – 6 x 4 in


What's for breakfast? – oil on canvas – 20 x 16 in