There is a constant dialectic in my work: bouncing from the precise, the line, to the amorphous, color and mood. I cannot produce one without the other, which results in my often creating several artworks based on the same theme–whether that theme is an object like a fallen branch or a fleeting sunrise illuminating the air.

Through the tension created by this duality, I try to access that sense of excitement and wonder in the sheer reality of existence that we experience as children and often lose as adults. For me, that all the things we see-hear-feel-touch and taste exist at all is truly marvelous!

I use both oils and ink, focusing on the natural world in the Hudson Valley; but my art is informed by a lifetime of experiences in the Near East/South Asia, and a childhood surrounded by botanical literature and Near Eastern art. I find that the tactile quality of thick paint lavishly applied helps express emotional depth within a scene, while the use of line activates the kinetic sense of time moving on.

Trees, landscape

Summer Sidelines – 10 x 8 in – plein air oil on canvas (Sept 2017)


Radish – colored pencil on Stonehenge paper – 10 x 8 in (May 2018)

Long Beach Blues - 7x5 in. - ink & natural dyes on paper (Nov 2014)

Time for Lunch – ink & natural dyes on paper – 6 x 4 in (Nov 2015)


All Together – oil on canvas – 20 x 16 in (Feb 2017)